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Another Western hypocrisy?

US, Europe alarmed by death verdicts for Morsi, others.
The recent death sentences handed down to Egypt’s first democratically-elected President Mohamed Morsi and scores of others have prompted fears in the US and Europe of what experts refer to as a “total war” on the Muslim Brotherhood movement by the government in Cairo.
PressTV 18/05/2015

US, Europe alarmed by death verdicts for Morsi.
According to my education and feelings, this kind of Western position is called hypocrisy, which definition is the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one's own behavior does not conform; pretense.

Following a democratic poll in Egypt, Morsi won the right to choose their legal government.
But as always, the West, mainly the USA, starts to poisoned and cause serious internal reactions against Morsi in that country, based only on the principles that they must interfre, as usual in the internal affairs of the whole world.

The result was a copy past of what was happened in the 60´s and 70´s decade in South America (just Chile has been the most criminal example) or any point of the World where the USA and some Wester European (mainly England) countries has pretension of political and/or economical pretensions.

The military coup imposed in Egypt in behalf of the Government of Morsi by the leader Sissi, has as result the arrest and conviction of Pres. Morsi which means that "democracy" sometimes is interdict to many countries in the World when Legal Government out of legal elections, is not according to the "democratic" principles defined by the West in general.

This same West is now concerned about Egyptian Court death verdicts for Morsi.
Perhaps consciousness, if there, they are feeling guilty, which is true in the general opinion.

The least, I only can call this attitude is this; hypocrisy.
West always, but always proved all the times to be the biggest and the best teacher in this matter.

As there is no consciousness in this kind of people, after the eventual Morsi execution, forgetfulness will be promptly prepared by the the "respectable" western media.
All CNN's and BBC's in the world will imposed themselves a gradual and significant silence.

People will forget later or sooner another political and "legal" crime. As ususal!

Unfortunately I have no doubts about it!

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