domingo, maio 13, 2012

Dear God, please go home!

Dear God.
Please Go Home
Take a long vacation and leave us alone

Sorry to disturb you in this month o May, a holy month for many people that is following you without any goal or target in lfe. But they follow you anyway.

I have had one feeling for many years.
Talking sincerely since I know myself and run away afraid from one church, when I was 7 years old.
Just 7 years old!
I am sisty now!
And let me tell you that I know and visit all kind of sanctuaries build in your honour! A lot!

But as I said at the begining I have had this feeling for many years to directly write to you, assuming that you is a real God, christian, muslim, what else you prefer and if you don’t mind me saying to you a few things and words that are really pissing me off, please give me a litle beat of your time.

I am not expecting to receive any answer from you. Dos not metter if I have no answer.
Apparently you don’t talk with or write to your subjects, according to human’s records this is a habit of yours since your birth about 4000 years ago, your taciturn character is killing some of us!

I know there are earthlings who claim they are your appointed agents.
They claim their self-ascribed monopoly on you and some kind of secret and direct connection, so it seems they tell us what you tell them now or you have ever said. With all due respect god, most of what you or your agents say is chimerical, absurd, and outright ridiculous, it just doesn’t make much sense to most of us nowadays.

I feel jealous however, and so do many of my other fellow earthlings—why not me, why don’t you respond to me, send me an email, ISM, a twit, I am in Lisbon after all!

Aren’t you the omniscient, omnipotent and all powerful?
Merciful and kind; you own and control all this tech stuff anyway.
So why don’t you want to answer my questions?
You are not afraid of me I suppose; I really want to hear it from the horse’s mouth.

I don’t know if you believe in science and scientists that you have apparently created?
I assume you do, otherwise why you created them to start with.
I am constantly told that you don’t do stupid things, there is a reason behind everything you do and ever done.
Creating something that you don’t believe in and has no purpose, pardon me, is very stupid and idiotic, unless you do it for fun.
But on the other hand I am told you only deal with serious stuff, fun things is not part of your plan for us unless you let us in the promise land where 72 virgin HOORY with melon like breasts, firm and white, are waiting for fun and games.

In recent years some of your subjects including physicists, biologists, neurologists, cosmetologists and others, with or without your authorization, have become vocal and are asking daring questions, all in the name of free scientific inquiry in defense of human society from the assault of ignorance, bigotry, and terrorism.
Apparently they gave up on you and they are not the only one.
After all, what have you lately done about these things?

Look around, you can see everything all at once, you are supposed to be on watch 24/7, why can’t you see torture, killings, and rape, never mind earthquake, floods, tsunamis, tornados, and the rest of it?
You “create” about 40,000 babies every year and NONE of them see their first birthday?
Are you really sick and sadistic? Are you blind and deaf? Well you have created the best medical specialists I assume, why don’t you call them up to fix you?
The same thing goes with a shrink, if you need one.

Think about it, is it possible that you have lost your usefulness and deity and in farcical and stubborn way you don’t want to admit and give up?
Please go home, take a long vacation and leave us alone.

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Flor disse...

Peço desculpa mas achei o texto muito infantil. Comentem-se muitas atrocidades em nome de muita coisa...na verdade todos querem ter poder e em usam tudo para as suas politiquices. Que seca, encontro um bloque todo bonito e interessante e dou com um texto vulgar, sem nada de novo que repete o que de mais há por ai...fundamentalistas são todos uma merda, querem sejam religiosos quer sejam ateus.