quinta-feira, março 02, 2017

Sweden "no go zones"

‘They attack cars & personnel’: Swedish ambulance boss calls for protection in migrant ‘no go zones’!
“We can be prevented from entering, we may be blocked from getting out. Our vehicles can be attacked, and we personally can be exposed to physical violence,”
RT 02/03/2017

In one of his conversations with the fucking press, I remember the shouting that media and some "intellectuals" of the Swedish medium stated by Trump to affirm that Sweden would never be a safe Country as it was before, due to the constant aggressiveness of the Imimgrantes and the eventual transformation of a Swedistan.

Everyday, facts, such as those presented here, are normals on daily base, especially in Malmö and because of the damn and present days immoral politic.
The Western media conceals these realities from their fellow citizens and readers.

In my country, Portugal, whose morality will not be the best, following this news has been a perfect shame.
Nowdays no one daily or weekly newspaper and TV´s broadcasting, Público, Observador, Expresso, DN, JN, CM,IJornal, I repeat, no one show us what realy happens in Sweden or other country suffering the influence of this pest, like France, Belgium or Netherlands.

Only a few people in Portugal knows what realy happens today in Sweden, previously the self called best country in Europe even in the World to live.

Based on this, now some one can say, as far as is showed above, that I am influenced by anti-Western press! Maybe.
Also some one can say RT, PRESS TV, CCTV, or others with different vision, lie as well! Maybe also!

But knowing both sides as know very well, I am sure the result of my opinion is more correct and if I know our Western lies and manipulations as I know the some caractristics of the other side, I have no doubts, I have "to play" on the team that I prefer!
That´s choice I have done a long time ago.

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