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Desert Rose

Asma al-Assad: from Syria's 'desert rose' to 'first lady of hell'
Bashar al-Assad’s wife has spoken about her ‘pain’ at the conflict but few believe she can be oblivious of husband’s brutal regime.
The Guardian 21/09/2016

"This", above referred, is an article about Asma al Bashar, wife of Syrian President Bashar al Assad from a newspaper self called independent; The Guardian!

According to the "independent" daily journal, Asma, previously described as Syria’s “desert rose”, now is the “first lady of hell”.

The arrogance and the lies which are to be spread by those who read this tendentious newspaper, when reaches a certain level, enters in the world of stupidity or wickedness.

In this case, I want to believe that the second hypothesis is the most real, although the first one it is not, to neglect (in some aspects is clearly there).

Today unfortunately the western media is abundant in imbeciles and idiots that assumes to know and transform virtual trues in realities and vgice versa, despite what realy happens in the mad World, which responsability goes directly to those who now claim cats and dogs.

Claims like dogs against the brutality of the regime of her husband heads.
They do not claim against the ISIS or Al Shura terrorists (who are supplied with guns and materials by Western).

Claims against the brutality of bombing Allepo with barril charges.
They do not claim if the pre historic Saudy Arabi regime use the some system in Yemen (Saudi Araby is fueled in weapons and technology by the Yankees and the always self proclamed democratic and respectful of human rights UE.

Asma and her husband never break away from Syria even in the worst hours and worst times like many others cowards have done.

Always was at Bashar al Assad side as his wife and patriot, something that the usual kind of imbeciles journalists do not understand and never have been educated so.

For me today more than never Asma is and will be the true Desert Rose, based on the respect, the love, the empathy and the patriotism she has offered to the Syrian People who is fighting against the biggest Western piracy has created after the crimes against Irak, Yeman and Lybia.

I deeply hope Syrians with the dedicated help of Iran and Russia, may one day finish this war and deliver who are and who was responsable for so many crimes in one sincere and righful TPI (not according to an undesirable and tendentious standards we have today).

In relation to articles like these jerk, written on top of the knee, as we usualy say in my country, the best away is forget and send it to the trash.

This is may sincere opinion.

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