segunda-feira, abril 27, 2015

The UE "help" to Greece

From China Daily 27/04/2015
Friends are important to help us during a catastrophe, or an event that may cause great damage, suffering or disaster.

Greece among UE is like Portugal, Spain, Italy or even Ireland.
Peripheral countries with a dependent economy of the global Union controled by the strongest countries, like Germany, France (With a shameful but always excusable deficit) or even England.

Others, like Holland, Belgium (the non country), Austria or the arrogantly miserable Finland, make use and abuse the center proximity. They produce what the big ones does not want to produce at a low price of low Work man hour and short distance price.

The loathing and hatred that I increasingly have cursed by today's European political, leads me to use the only weapon that I own; to write and protest attitudes that neo liberal or neo fascists politics impose to the poorests South peoples.

Based on this, is easy to understnad the injustice that the UE inflits on the peripherical countries with the inhuman austerity measures that has lasted for four fucking years.
Even worse; today it is not expected when this killer bleeding may finish.

With the earnings of high interest rates, Germany can easily control its economy and establish itself as the leading economic power of this damn Europe.
Off course!!
With these blessings even Cyprus would be the best economy in Europe.

The picture above shows easely what the damn UE is preparing to Greece.
Like the mafia smuggling of immigrants on the coast of Libya that want to enter in Europe to have a better life and are pushed to death by drowning, UE want´s to do the some; push Greece to death by drowning.

Today is the time to select another partner. Not a friend but a partner.
One thing I am sure; this partner will be not among the fucking UE because with "friends" like that, we do not need enemies.

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